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Tour News Stapp Speaks About Tour Dates
Posted on 10-10-2002 at 09:43 PM

It is with sincere regret that we must announce that Creed is being forced to rearrange our tour schedule for the rest of the year. Earlier this year we had to cancel tour dates after I was involved in a car accident where my car was rear ended on an Orlando interstate. This tour cancellation caused me to embark on the rest of the year's tour by aggressively trying to play the already scheduled shows as well as trying to make up all of the canceled dates in a short amount of time. This ambitious tour schedule ultimately proved to be too aggressive and I am now suffering from acute laryngitis due to the swelling of my vocal cords, which was caused by excessive wear and tear. Upon consultation with multiple doctors, the only solution to ensure that we are still able to visit all of the markets where we had scheduled shows is to reschedule the entire tour in a more realistic manner.

The one show that was unable to be moved is our Alcatraz show in San Francisco on October 10. We booked the show two weeks ago as a favor to VH1 when the previously scheduled artist cancelled at the last minute. Despite direct orders from my ear, nose, and throat specialist Dr. Joseph Sugerman, and at the risk of possibly causing further damage to my vocal cords, the band and I have decided to do a shortened set due to the fact that are 600 winners that have already been flown in from around the country that have taken time off of work and made extensive personal arrangements to see the show. Us playing this show is only being made possible by me taking an anti-inflammatory shot known as Decadron that, although it can't be taken on a daily basis, will temporarily ease the swelling in my throat.

Contrary to popular belief, we aren't being paid for the show, the only reason we are doing it is that we simply feel like we must make some attempt to honor this commitment out of respect for the time, effort, and trouble that the fans must have gone through to make it to this show. The Wallflowers have graciously agreed to come and play the rest of the evening so that the other promotional, charity, and television commitments that we had made can be fulfilled.

Hopefully the radio stations that have supported these shows, the promoters that have worked so hard to promote these shows, and most importantly our loyal fans that have supported us for the last six years, will understand my situation and forgive the inconvenience that this has caused them.

We have every intention of playing all of the shows that we are scheduled to do this year including a fan appreciation show in Las Vegas where the band feels that due to my vocal illness, our show wasn't up to Creed's standards. The one exception is the show in Boise, Idaho and that show's status is still to be determined. The rescheduled dates are as follows:

10/20 Los Angeles, CA
10/23 San Francisco, CA
10/25 San Diego, CA
10/29 Las Vegas, NV (Fan Appreciation Show)
10/30 Bakersfield, CA
11/29 Spokane, WA
12/2 Sacramento, CA
12/6 Phoenix, AZ

Thank You,
Scott Stapp

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