Contest - #2 Win A One-Year Membership to CreedWorld!

This is the second of two contests CreedFeed is holding to have a bit of fun on the message boards and give the fans an opportunity to win a very cool prize!

Special thanks to: CreedWorld.com

The Contest

Tell us why you love Creed! Post your story here in this thread. We will be picking two of the best stories (as decided by CreedFeed.com) and three other winners will be selected at random.

You can post anything from a single sentence to a story book! Just remember, the better (or more interesting) the story, the better chance it has in getting picked as being the best!

The Prize

Five winners will receive a one year membership to the Creed fan club - a $24.95 value!!

The Official Creed Fan Club - CreedWorld.com - offers fans a unique community setting featuring all the latest breaking Creed news and information, as well as a community setting with message boards and blogs! Fans are able to participate in exclusive contests and build up "points" which can be used to purchase cool Creed merchandise (hopefully coming soon?!?).

The Rules

You must be a CreedFeed Community Message Board member in order to post and have the opportunity to win.

Members may make only one posting in a contest. If you make a second post in the contest topic you will be disqualified and not have an opportunity to win. Please only make one post in the contest forum and do not reply or discuss other entries. If you wish to discuss entries, start a new topic in the forums.

On September 25th, two winners will be selected as having the "best" stories as decided upon by CreedFeed.com. Three other winners will be selected at random from all entries received.

Winners will be notified via Private Message from Steve through the CreedFeed message board system.

Winners from the first contest are not eligible to win in this contest.

Winners are not required to submit any personal information to CreedFeed.com other then any data required to register on the forums.

Prizes will be delivered digitally in the form of a special code to enter on the CreedWorld website.

If you have any questions regarding the contest, please private message Steve or start a new topic in the forums.

Start Posting!

You may start posting your thoughts on the official contest forum page. Click here to post away!!