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Creed News Creed To Be Sidelined For Awhile?
Posted on 11-22-2003 at 01:04 AM

Rumors on the Internet are saying that Creed has broken up and is no longer together as a band. Other rumors are saying that Creed is simply taking an indefinite break from songwriting while members persue their own solo work.

Michael Tremonti, Mark's brother, has posted a message on a fan message board stating the following:

1) Creed has not broken up forever. Think of it as an extended break with no timetable for a return. Never rule anything out in the future.

2) Mark is putting 100% of his focus on his new band. The name has yet to be decided. The members as of right now are Mark, Flip and Brian Marshall. No contracts have been signed so anything could change.

3)Mark is currently looking for a singer although he hasn't completely ruled out singing himself.

4)He has 11 songs already recorded in his home studio. These are demos. They are among the best he has ever written. More are in the process of being made. Only the absolute best will end up on the cd.

5) This is NOT a metal cd. These songs were written over the last year and a half and when he wrote them he had no idea Creed might not record a CD in 2004. Most probably would have ended up on the next Creed cd.

6) There will be more solos on this CD than a Creed one would have. That being said, he still writes for the good of the song. He wont be flashy unless the song calls for it.

Take this as you will; we at CreedFeed would like to remind Creed fans that nothing official has been announced by Creed or Wind-up Records regarding this situation. While we cannot say whether the above comments are true or not, we can say that fans should prepare themselves for anything that may occur within the upcoming year.

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