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Creed Ignites Hilton

Published on 03-27-2000
Published at Iown State Daily

-- by Kevin Hosbond

"The performance will begin in one minute," a computerized female voice announced from the darkness of Hilton Coliseum Friday night. The feeling of anticipation for one of the hottest rock bands in the country ran thickly through the air.

Suddenly a wall of flames shot up from behind the stage as Creed tore into "Ode" from their groundbreaking debut album "My Own Prison." The energy that went into that song alone proved this would be a night for Creed fans to remember.

The band kept the momentum going as guitarist Mark Tremonti played the opening riff to the mega-hit "Torn" amid a roar of cheers from the fans. Lead singer Scott Stapp paced the stage, letting his admiring audience have their chance at singing the chorus to the song.

After taking everyone on a journey "above the clouds" with the prophetic "Say I," the band pounded into the most powerful three songs of the night, starting with "My Own Prison."

Following that, Tremonti slowed things down with the soft intro of "What If," off of 1999's multi-platinum "Human Clay," but then blasted the audience away with a thrash of distortion as sparks shot out in a spray of light.

Not letting up for even a second, Creed grinded into "Unforgiven," as bombs exploded behind the band, resulting in a frenzied response from an awestruck audience.

Taking a break from the sonic assault, the group calmed things down a few notches with the song "With Arms Wide Open," a song Stapp wrote after becoming a father.

Creed ended the first set with yet another hit song, "What's This Life For," before leaving the stage under a barrage of cheers. When they returned for an encore, Stapp dedicated the song "One" to the ISU Cyclones, which received much approval from his followers. The song bled straight into the hit "Higher" as sparks showered the stage.

With the overzealous use of banners, lights and pyrotechnics, Creed proved it knew how to lay siege on an arena-sized audience. It was hard to imagine that just over two years ago this band was playing small club shows in support of "My Own Prison" and testing out new material that would eventually find its way onto "Human Clay."

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