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Contemporary Christian Singer Disses Creed

Just saw the negative comment posted on this twitter page on Nov. 3, 11:36 pm... check it out on his site for yourself...


I have put this in the faith forum here because I believe that is where the real issue in this comment lies. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and entitled to share it, I guess. But, is this an appropriate comment for the lead singer of Mercy Me to share like this? Do you think what he said is true? Does he owe Creed an apology? I am a believer, and I like a few of their songs, but frankly I feel like just deleting them off of my iPod now. Don't think any members of Creed would say something like that either. Don't mean to pick a fight here, but... wow. Disappointing to say the least.
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Re: Contemporary Christian Singer Disses Creed

Yes it is very disappointing for ANYONE to say something like that, especially a Christian singer. I too like Mercy Me, or did... However, as his comment had nothing to do with religion but instead was just an idiotic comment, let's not go down that road again...
Seriously, I come in peace...

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Re: Contemporary Christian Singer Disses Creed

everybody knows im a big contempoary fan The Word Says The Word Of God If Its Planted Some Where Does Not Go Out In Void And You Can Take Their Lyrics And Apply To That From So Many Prespectives Im A Really Big Fan Of Classic Gospel Music And Its A Part Of My Influnces Your Not Supposta To Set Judgemeant Up On Others Which Is Big Part Of Being A Christian And So Forth And Stapp Has Been Opening Ya Know About His Struggles Lead Singer Of Creed Your Not Supposta To Down Another Brother Or Sister Thats Just Common Sense And When You See Slander Like This Pray For,em PRAY They Fall In Line From The Book Of JER The False Prophets Of Zion If They Dont Turn From There Ways Thanks For Posting And Your Right They Do Owe Theme An Apolgey And Your Opinons Always Welcome
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