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Scott Stapp show in Agoura Hills, April 2, 2011

I posted this over at Scott Stapp's website, thought I would put it here as well

Are You Ready
Hard Way
What's This Life For
I'm Eighteen
Surround Me
The Great Divide
With Arms Wide Open
My Own Prison
One Last Breath (CUT)

My Sacrifice

This show at the Canyon Club was hands down THE BEST SHOW I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!! First off, I drove close to 3 hours (down from Oceanside) to see Scott put on a show, and that's exactly what he did! I was lucky enough to be part of the VIP Fan Club package that included hearing the sound check and getting to meet Scott. The sound check was pretty cool; there were only 2 songs that we heard, but regardless, it was cool to hear them play without a ton of people inside the venue. Afterwards, the group of VIPs (I think there was like 13 of us) went into the VIP lounge, and it was a awesome little room We chilled in the room for a little bit and chatted, and everyone was stoked to see Scott. Then the man himself walked in and everyone was starstruck. Regardless of the Scott people may have known from years ago, THIS Scott is a changed man. He has come back from the depths a stronger man and really showed his fans the love and support that they have given him throughout the years. I talked with him for a little bit during the meet and greet. We all got signed tour posters, but Scott signed anything and everything that people brought (he even signed a guitar!). I brought my brother's copy of "The Great Divide" (he was supposed to be there with me but was sick and couldn't make it) as well as my copy of Human Clay. I told him that Human Clay was the first album I owned when I was 12 years old, and it has gotten me through the worst times in my life. On the verge of tears, Scott brought me in and hugged me and told me that he was proud that I came out stronger and was able to share my story with him. He told me that my story and experiences are an asset to me now because they have made me who I am, and I can now help others, just as he helped me. But he wouldn't take the credit, saying "it's not me man, it's Him. It all points to God". He is such a humble and gracious man; I just hope he realizes just how much his music and his kindness have helped me and thousands others like me.

Now, onto the actual show! We got to sit at the table right in front of the center of the stage (so right in front of Scott). The setlist was a great mix of both Creed hits and his solo stuff, along with the Alice Cooper song "I'm Eighteen". Standouts to me have to be Hard Way, Weathered, and Surround Me. For those of you who heard or saw Scott on the reunion tour in 2009, we all could tell that Scott seemed to struggle sometimes vocally; forget it all. The man is back with a vengeance with a voice that could rival his prime performances back in the late 90s. SCOTT IS BACK!!!! He sounds and looks healthy and full of life; his voice has regained the signature growl and baritone boom that we all know and love him for!

The show ended and I was in a daze. I cried at least 3 times during the show because the power and emotional pull that Scott's lyrics have on me were amazing that night. Sadly, during the meet and greet, my picture with Scott came out terrible due to camera issues. So, hoping to maybe catch him afterwards, we drove around to the back of the venue and I happened to run into Andy, Scott's touring guitarist. Andy was seriously one of the coolest and most chill people I have ever met. One awesome thing he did was he signed a kid's Bible for him; that to me is the epitome of class and sheer respect and love for the fans. I talked with Andy a little bit and told him I wanted to possibly retake a picture with Scott. He told me it was no problem and actually escorted me backstage. They told us Scott was busy but would be out in a few minutes. So I went back outside and waited and sure enough, Scott came back out and was more than happy to take another picture. He hugged me again and I told him how amazing the show was, and he thanked me for being there. I thanked him for all he has done for me, and he said no thank you. And I got in my car for a long drive home.

I cannot express just how much this experience meant to me. Scott has been my musical and personal hero ever since I was 12. I know he went through some rough times, but haven't we all? He showed me that just because you hit the bottom doesn't mean life ends. He is a new man and I have complete and total respect and admiration for him not only on a musical level, but a personal one as well. A true class act and one of the most amazing rock voices of the past few decades, I can assure you: Scott is back. And I can't imagine a world without him.
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Re: Scott Stapp show in Agoura Hills, April 2, 2011

What a beautiful blessing YOU are to this world. Thank you for such a wonderful post. Keep your head up!
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Re: Scott Stapp show in Agoura Hills, April 2, 2011

Thanks for the post, Scott is my hero too.

You're probably a similar age to me too, I'm 24.

Just out of interest are you male aswell or female?
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