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Re: Creed to Record New Single?!

@tremontiriffs - I doubt Creed's ability to become a major success again. Creed's genre is over. and if i'm not mistaken the only band to ever reunite and come into a great amount of success with their albums released after the reunion is Aerosmith.

I think both Agent D and Jared make valid points. Creed IS mismanaged. Tremonti IS in it for the benjamins. If somebody can't see that then you're blinded by pure fanboyism. The reunion tour and Full circle never should have happened until this year. Given the fact that last year they had a singer that couldn't sing and an album made up of songs that weren't written for it.

But, Stapp certainly did give it his all, and I really don't understand the bitching about them playing 5 full circle songs. name me another band with 4 albums that plays 5 new songs of the new album aside from metallica? 5 songs from full circle is about 20-25 minutes of music, not to mention the talking in between songs. so about half an hour of an hour and a half long set is from the new album. Whats so bad about that? and people saying they shouldn't play higher or WAWO. Picture a van halen concert where they don't play jump. an iron maiden concert where they don't play Run to the hills. a metallica concert where they don't play enter sandman.

But i wll say that this blind following of Tremonti is absolutely crazy. The man is an AMAZING guitar player and a pretty cool dude but he clearly doesn't give a rats ass about Creed or maintaining the legacy of one of the best selling bands of this century. He was in the metallica, the led zepplin of the 2000's and doesn't give a shit about furthering that band. All he cares about is Alter Bridge a band that plays too about 800 -1000 people a night. I would say that to his face btw. I actually sent a question or two about this too him with his fret 12 interview and he didn't answer them.
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