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Re: Creed to Record New Single?!

Quote: (Originally Posted by Creed009) I just disagree. I think that Full Circle is their best album other than Human Clay. I can actually listen to the CD from beginning to end without skipping any songs. I can't say the same about My Own Prison and Weathered. They aren't going to have as many big hits off of this album, but overall I think the album is more solid than MOP or Weathered.
i wont bother hearing or playing anything i have to skip thats why i find it hard getting into new bands and so forth all though i found a few i liked everybody is gotta fave and with creed if you are not a fan of the older stuff you,ll learn to like it better in time, as all good stuff does LETS PRESS ON great summer tour to look foward to, And a new single as well
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