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Re: Creed to Record New Single?!

Quote: (Originally Posted by Creed009) Wow. And you're supposedly a Creed fan? With fans like that, who needs critics? I think I'll go back over to ABB net where the people are actually more supportive of Creed. Lol.

Noone doubts Creeds ability to be a successful band again but their management hacked this thing up from the start..6 months to write, record, mix, and rehearse for a tour dont allow all too much time for creativity which was evident in the songs on the album...I can think of four or five off the top of my head that just sound incomplete and thrown together..A few songs withstanding the album really lacked the punch that earlier Creed albums had..The mood on this album was really dull..Overcome had a great run on radio and was probably the closest to the Creed we remember..My problem with this band is simple..They need to man up...Drop their management, producer and possibly label and start over..As a rock fan I can tell when a band goes all out on an album..Full Circle did not have that feel to me..It felt rushed and forced and led to the production of less than stellar material..Some of the lyrics in the songs sound repetive of what was in other songs on the album..Scotts lyrics usually solid really didnt live up to what hes done in the past on this CD..Your a f'n rock and roll band man..get your edge back..stop writing poppy music trying to please the top forty crowd and just be your freakin selves..Play your new songs..I really feel the guys wish they could go back and redo the whole album..If theyre not willing to play new material on tv then they obviously regret forcing things..They already want to record a new song..I say..Move on..take time on Creed V and make it a "Creed" album and nothing else..Because as a fan of my favorite band I want nothing else...
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