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Re: Creed to Record New Single?!

Quote: (Originally Posted by Agent D) Then don't frickin' reunite your old band!!! No one wanted it and no one asked for it, as evidenced by the lack of a response. But all that's fine, as it's a good album and what's done is done. That's not even my main problem with them. But the album you so vehemently keep saying they "put their hearts and souls into", they can't even be bothered to properly support by actually performing songs from that album. Most of the blame I guess goes to Wind-Up for that, as it's nothing new. It goes back years and years with them. But I'm tired of just absolving the band of responsibility of it. One of the caveats to reuniting should've been them making some demands for some real support from Wind-Up instead of the usual nonsense.

Wow. And you're supposedly a Creed fan? With fans like that, who needs critics? I think I'll go back over to ABB net where the people are actually more supportive of Creed. Lol.
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