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Re: The Official Creed Press/TV Thread

Quote: (Originally Posted by skyguy86) This just popped up on wikipedia, don't know how legit it is but here it is anyway:
"Track listing

* A Thousand Faces
* Slow Suicide
* Just Fine
* Don't Give Up
* Full Circle
* Milan Song
* The End Of The Day
* Blood For Bone
* Tear Away

Note that on the website the three new song titles do not have citations, so idk what to make of this. anyone else have a take?

If this is the 9 of the 10 song titles they say this record is going to have, going by the song titles this album looks like its going to be a little darker/heavier side of Creed. Mark did even say some of these songs we are going to go, "this is Creed?!?!?"
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