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Re: Creed - 4/14/2012 - Chicago Theatre - Human Clay set

Both shows were awesome, really enjoyed them and Chicago. We have never been so it was a treat for us all the way around.

Friday night after the show we waited in the back for the guys to come out, Scott came out signed a few things took a few pics and he told the crowd " tomorrow night I will be out here for as long as it takes to get everything signed, pics etc., I just want to go in and see the baby" I totally understand him wanting to get in and be with his family, so we looked forward to Saturday night and when he walked out to get to bus, he kept on going, didn't say hi by or kiss my ass or anything so I guess he wasn't up for it.

Plus he had a lot of ppl (family/friends) on the bus with him and then of course the bottom feel out of the sky, just wished he could have said a few words.

I have seen Creed so many times but this show ( Human Clay ) will stand out for me because I got engaged in the middle of the show!!!! So awesome!!
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