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Re: Creed - 4/14/2012 - Chicago Theatre - Human Clay set

I don't have a problem with it either, I like it actually, I didn't even know Stapp's had a book coming out and now I do.

This is the first I've heard of that Tremonti listening party... Wish I knew about that...

I was just one of the many fans who was ticked off with Stapp and the whole Twitter thing. And then seeing his banner for the book at the Creed was just putting it over the top. So hypocritical. Especially when it was fans talking about AB and not actually the band promoting themselves through Creed.

That being said I wish they weren't so uptight about it. The more avenues they use to get info out to us the better it is for us. Sounds like I traveled a very very long way and missed tremonti's listening party which I would have definitely went to if there was any way possible
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