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Re: Creed - 4/14/2012 - Chicago Theatre - Human Clay set

Yeah it was definitely an awesome show, there were a few songs missing from the set lists that should have been on there tho. Young Grow Old really should have been on the Human Clay set. Overcome and Rain were totally left out. Don't Stop Dancing probably should have been in there but I'm not surprised it wasn't. I would have loved to have seen Stand Here With Me, Weathered and To Whom it May Concern but those were just hopes.

There was a lot of overlap of HC/MOP songs that weren't released as singles, they had to assume that most people would be going to both nights. They should have at least mixed it up with a few acoustic versions if there was gonna be so much overlap.

Overall tho one of my best concert experiences ever. So glad to have finally seen Creed, an probably couldn't have picked a better time. Never dreamed I would get to see them perform so many of those old songs that weren't hits. Well worth the trip from Calgary, Alberta, Canada!
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