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Quote: (Originally Posted by Xterminator27) Well they would still have a "soul" there are test-tube babys alive today and they have as much "soul" as anyone
Well Yes Humans Would HAHA But Rembear That Movie The Unborn Where The Goveremeant Created Infant Monsters They Had Mind Control On Their Parents And They Did,nt Eat Food Or Fourmula They Liked Raw Meat , and this one chick goes crazy and trys to kill,em
Hush child I,ll tell you why you have Loved Me when you were weak you have given me unselfishly Kept you From Falling Falling everywhere But Your Kness you set me free to live my life you become my Reason To Survive The Great Divide you Set Me Free Ooh Our Love Is Beautiful Ooh isn,t This Beautiful Child It Seems You Have Been My Everything
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