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Thoughts on genetic altering before birth. (customized children)

Its possible to change a babys genes before birth and basically you can "customize" someone before there born. What are peoples thoughts on this? Heres what i think.

Bad point
1. We shouldnt be playing around with that kinda stuff
2. Some may think its inhumain and wrong
3. Unnatural, we dont know the side effects
4. What if you make some kinda "super dude" who kills us al kinda think.
5. Its just not right

Good points.
1. Deseases like down sindrom or ANY gene related disorder can be cured, helping the lives of thousands/millions
2. Everyone would look good (self confidence improvement)
3. Eating disorders or anything wrong with organs or whatever could be prevented
4. Possible to prolong human life span, letting people live for anywhere from 20 - 100+ years longer.
5. Everyone will never have anything wrong and the world will be full of a "super race" of humans.

Yes i got this idea from the movie "gattaca" and it sounds like some kinda wacko TV show science fiction, but it IS posible to alter DNA from sperm and such, and hey, if they can clone a sheep, who knows what they can do in the next 50+ years.

So whats everyones thoughts on Human custimizing? It has its goods, and its bads too, or mayby it should only be done to a certain level?
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