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Re: Thoughts on Brian's Return

Quote: (Originally Posted by username) Well, according to that Stapp interview with PBF, Mark was the reason why Brian left Creed, not Stapp, so Brian shouldn't have any issue with Stapp at all, right? LOL Way to lie right into the face of the camera there, Stappers!

I think Brian's best work was with Creed. His bass licks on the AB tunes have been mostly rather lame, save for the occasional riff here and there - usually one per song.

That said, he's done a bit better when he plays live, eg Find The Real on Leno is much better than FTR on the ODR CD.
first of all welcome username in my opion i really dont think who said what and where and why is relevent these guys made just a wonderfull music together and in my research thats all the fans care about everybody just got have to lay aside the personal conflicts and get along like sugar and spice and everything nice the only way is one will his licks AB tunes now i would,nt say lame now but those licks where at their peak with orginal fourmula i dont think nobody will be disaponting as well as creed and AB fans
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