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Quote: (Originally Posted by Dogstar) Maybe I'm nitpicking here, but whether we (as nonprofessional singers) could do better is not the point. It's not a valid comparision because we aren't professional singers.

Oh it's kinda like an arm chair quarter back okay I see. Lame excuse if you ask me. Ever think about how much Scott's health was f***ed up because he was told to suck it up?????

I can't wait to see how myles handles this.....Myles run, be afraid be very afraid.....esp if they mention predisone........from what I hear he is already having voice problems and is missing soundchecks and ummm let's see they are only how many months into touring??????????? Oh and I forgot he is a bit of a prima donna also........this is of course from the vh1 board if you care to check.

Oh and I forgot to add I personally know a friend who has been to an a/b concert.................confirms what was posted at vh1....

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