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advanced iq There is hope with these specific rehabilitation therapies!"1 Many years of research have been conducted on one form of Brain-Based Therapy called neurofeedback. As one of my mentors and colleauge recently stated, "I am working with a boy right now. He is twelve, on six medications about 6 months ago. He is very angry, has full-blown ADHD and is very impulsive. His parents told me they may need to institutionalize him. After six months of a gluten-free diet, neurofeedback and cerebellar exercises and the kid is almost unrecognizable. He is now well-mannered, well-behaved, and down to one medication. His dad got emotional this morning telling me how thankful he is for what I do. What a difference we make in the lives of these people." In summary, many cases of fibromyalgia, chronic pain, anxiety and ADD respond well to functional neurology and even better with functional neurology, diet changes, specific supplementation and neurofeedback. The best part; these cutting-edge treatment methods are drug-free and effective.
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