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Love Loove Looove!

Okey dokey...Last year my friend and I wrote a valentines day poem for all those poor folks who were single. I thought, why not start a tradition going! So, for the second year running, here is my valentines day poem.....



What do I love about love
The feeling you get when they look u in the eye
The excuses you make to talk to the guy

How can you not love love
The first hello, when he learns your name
So many things you like the same!

Such a joy to love love
Discovering all those cute faces he pulls
While he's cheering for the Chicago Bulls

What a love: loving love
All those nights sitting up late
Sick with love - got a belly ache

Oh lovely love!
I gave him my number, is he gonna call?
I wonder if he will think of me at all?

How about love!
See him on the street, hes looking so hot
Particularly that new girlfriend hes got

Love oh love...
You feel like you're having a heart attack
Oh joy! That same stomach pains coming back!

Lingering on love
Of course by now your friendships so strong
He confides in U 'bout her all day long!

Oh...oh........sweet love

Happy 'Hallmark-cruelty-to-singles-day' y'all !!!!

Thank you, thank you
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