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Quote: (Originally Posted by Higher_Desire) Of course, they wouldn't be able to have the Aberdeen high school where he went (Weatherwax) in it, since it burned down about 2 or 3 years ago.
Oh, really, that sucks, but they will be able to think of something.

Quote: (Originally Posted by Trees of Wisdom) They're ripping off Nirvana for sure. Why aren't there any hatesites about them?
lol yeah I agree. But Bearfan is right, of course there would be hatesites about them but you haven't haven't seen any yet. It's scary how Wes doesn't just look like Kurt, he sounds like him too. Does he wear cardigans and stuff like that? Like Kurt did?

Anyway I'm really suprised that you guys haven't heard about this yet, surley you will soon.
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