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Re: Sunday Dispatch

Sunday Dispatch.794

To us who face a day of calm
To us in the middle of a storm
a prayer

To us who are strong in faith
To us who are weak
a prayer

To us who walk forward in your commands
To us who have fallen
a prayer

To us who are healthy
To us in sickness
a prayer

To us whose table is full
To us with only crumbs

To our Father in heaven we pray this prayer
Forgive us our sins Lord

We thank you for your many blessings
We thank you for our salvation

Thank you Lord for your love and mercy
We thank you Lord this day

May our hearts be stronger
May our faith grow
May we continue trusting and following you
May your will be done in our lives

And Lord may we praise and give thanks always

In the name of Christ
We pray this prayer
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