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Re: What bands are in your playlist at the moment?

Quote: (Originally Posted by Redeemer) *appears in a puff of smoke, dodging the spambots*

I recently got into Jinjer, too! the video for "I Speak Astronomy" and the music itself was so cool that my jaw just hung open for half the thing, lmao.

new country singer Orville Peck has also been in heavy rotation, as well as some electronic stuff -- Carpenter Brut, Perturbator, the like. I didn't know David Draiman had a new project, though, so I'm about to check that out right now!
Yahoo, another Jinjer fan! I'm also into Eluveitie. I just bought a ticket to see them in September. I saw them last year, and they were fantastic. Such an interesting sound between the melodic music and the clean and growly vocals. I love them.
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