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Re: Sunday Dispatch.437

Quote: (Originally Posted by theironhorse) Sunday Dispatch .437

They laughed at Joan of Arc, but she
went right ahead and built it anyway.

~Gracie Allen
oh the days of jubile, PRAISE JESUS, no more favors my old friend.....FUEL, the word says there cometh that time when the spirt will depart...for a season, and then return, but those who thirst and hunger for rightenousness, shall be filled, WE slumber THE LORD THY GOD does not rest...those who have entered that rest, trust in him that feeds, and will not eat meat from strange hands, yes they do laugh and imagine vain things, but even the dogs desire to eat the crumbs from the masters table, JESUS, said unto those aliken to joan and Noha, those who Laugh Now Shall Mourn Latter, PEACE BE WITH US IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME, For the terror that cometh by night we see in 24 hour periods so cometh THE ALL ONE FOR ONE SACRAFICE, And Turn The Darkness Into Day... BLESSINGS AND STRENETH, Elevation ....
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