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Re: Sunday Dispatch.437

Yes Brother NOAH Too When He Bulid His Boat There And Moses WHEN HE FORSAKED ALL EGYPT And His Throne The King Of Egypt Loved Him And Was Is In Moses Favour AND He Was Like WHY My Son Are You Crazy Proabley Indeed A Long Line Of Those For FAITH IS A FOOLISH Thing To The Fool PRAISE JESUS Even Till Death FOR JESUS On The Other Cross It Was Spoken To Him WHY Not Save Us And Save Thy Self PRAISE JESUS WE Get A Lot Of That Today IN A MODEREN DAY WORLD DAILY PRAISE JESUS, MATT 16>Verse 19> Thinking about you brother michale and the way your dispatches Minsters to us Through Songs And Storys Writers And Entertainmeant But My All Time Favorite IS The LITTLE Engine That Could And Ambelias Wish And The Story Of Those Precious 3 Baby Trees And If Im Crazy For Beleving Those Storys Are Some What Not Fiction Except For A Talking Engine THEN SO BE IT THE ROCKS WILL CRY OUT TO HIM And Hear Him PRAISE JESUS IF WE TAKE OUR FAITH TODAY And Cast Away Our Troubles That Some What We Cant Understand At This Time We Can Either Feed Our Troubles Or Feed Our PROMISE Now I For One Have Done Both In My Medatations GLORY TO GOD IT COMES OUT THE SAME Just A longer Trip Around What You already knew before ya started PRAISE JESUS WE NEED JESUS More IF HE BEFORE US SOMEDAYS You Must Let Go And Let GOD And Make It A TESTIMONY UNTO His Kingdom AND GLORY And People AND Close The Thiving Gates Of HELL JESUS SAID And I Will Give Unto You Thee The Keys Of Heaven And whatsoever Tho shall Bind On earth Shall Be Bound In Heaven And Whatever Thou loose On Earth Shall Be Loosed In Heaven PRAISE JESUS We Have A Battle And Its A Mutha Tell You What BOTH Kingdoms Are At War And Only One Is The Deciver PRAISE JESUS AND JESUS CHRIST Is Still Working For Us THE SAME AS YESTERDAY AS TODAY And Forever Good Post Michale BLESSINGS AND STRENETH YA,ALLS AND PEACE BE WITH US IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME
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