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Re: Sunday Dispatch.437

michale brother if u look over my posting mistakes i,ll look over yours you,ll have too keep uo on those dispatch numbers i,ll make note this is dispatch 437, PRAISE JESUS and a good one michale dylan always grabs us just always and coutinually and speaks of songs of a request of hearts My GOD Countine TO PRESERVE ME Luke 24 46 brother The Great Commission And He Said Unto Theme These Are The Words Which I Spake Unto You While I was Yet With You That All Things Must Be Fulfilled Which Were Written In The Law Of Moses And In The Prophets And In The Psalms Concering Me Then Opend He Their Understanding That They Might Undersand The Scriptures And Said unto Theme This It Is Written And Thus It Is Behooved PEACE Be With You Michale Everytime i hear Dylan its like man i wish i could have wrote that
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