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Re: Erin Freriks (Echelon122) has passed away.

Quote: (Originally Posted by JulieCitySlicker) I never heard of her either. Very sad though Thoughts and prayers going your way!
the screen name sounds, familar, its hard loosing a loved one, very much indeed, but one way of looking it, GOD THE CREATOR, Loves Us More, And When He Calls You Gone, All We can do Is Remind Others Of The Greatest Loss, So They Can Take Comfort In That, And Move On In Gods Great Purpose, i,ve seen family members of my own turn grife, into their own destruction, there be no greater Love Than Gods, And There Was Never Such A Great Loss, As It Was On That Day They CRUCIFIED OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR, PEACE BE WITH US IN JESUS NAME, To The Family Of Erins,
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