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WOW, COOL!! X your a genious

: Most innovative user award
G) Dogstar

: Funniest user award
A) AussieCreeder
No questions about it

: Most attention whorish user award
F) Lechium

: Drama queen award
I) King X

: Never logs off award
A) Steve
Ooh, that was a hard one!

: Mr. or Mrs. Coherent award
A) Teri

: I Miss Yew Award
F) Facless Kiwi

: Biggest Spammer Award
A) King X But it's good spam, SPAM ROCKS!!

: Best BBS Poster Award
A) King X
D) AussieCreeder (And his insane post numbers)
Tie up for that one. And don't say theres no such rules. We make our own rules here. Joking lol

: Best BBS Moderator Award
A) Steve

: Worst BBS Moderator Award
No ones bad!

Greatest Thread Creator in the world
A) King X
B) King X
C) King X
D) King X
E) King X
F) King X
'See the world in Green and Blue
Aotearoa right in front of you.
See the land of the long white cloud
Cape Reinga, to the fiords in the south.
Harbour lights in the City of Sails
Aroha, the love that never fails
See the bird with the leaf in her mouth
After the flood all the colours came out.'

- Beautiful Day, Auckland, NZ - 24 Nov 2006
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