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THE OFFICIAL 2004 Creedfeed posting AWARDS!

Vote on who YOU think should win in each catagory.

The nominations are....

: Most innovative user award
A) Teri
B) King X
C) Higher Desire
D) Leader of men
E) hotforscott
F) Julie City slicker
G) Dogstar
H) JenRN

: Funniest user award
A) AussieCreeder
B) Teri
C) King X
D) Mulletman
E) Higher Desire
F) The Lithium
G) Hayley
H) Dogstar
I) DangerousDan85
J) Collective soul

: Most attention whorish user award
A) King X
B) haley
C) DangerousDan85
D) AussieCreeder
F) Lechium
E) Creedsister

: Drama queen award
A) Teri
B) Hayley
C) Dogstar
E) Torn Daredevil
F) JulieCitySlicker
G) hotforscott
H) GoodGodGirl
I) King X

: Never logs off award
A) Steve
B) Teri
C) Dogstar
D) AussieCreeder

: Mr. or Mrs. Coherent award
A) Teri
B) King X =P
C) Dogstar
D) Gabriel
E) Steve
F) Shelia
G) HR2004
H) mulletman
I) creedsister

: I Miss Yew Award
A) Jango
B) KrzyCreedbabe
C) Jimmy2sacs
D) Weathered
E) Facless man
F) Facless Kiwi

: Biggest Spammer Award
A) King X
B) Higher desire
C) DangerousDan85
D) Collective Soul
E) Hayley

: Best BBS Poster Award
A) King X
B) Gabriel
C) Steve
D) AussieCreeder (And his insane post numbers)
E) dogstar
F) GoodGodgirl
G) Teri
H) Mulletman
I) JulieCitySlicker
J) JenRN
K) Hotforscott
L) Hayley

: Best BBS Moderator Award
A) Steve
B) Mulletman
C) Teri
D) Dogstar

: Worst BBS Moderator Award
A) Mulletman
B) Teri
C) Dogstar
D) steve

Greatest Thread Creator in the world
A) King X
B) King X
C) King X
D) King X
E) King X
F) King X

ENJOY, now CAST YOUR VOTES on who should win in each catagory!

As for the nominees, i probly missed some people but oh well, Congrats on making this historical list!

Vote who YOU think should win What award for the 2004 Creedfeed Season!!

Oh and

1. You cant vote for yourself
2. No ties
If life gives you lemons,

Then shut the hell up and eat your damn lemons!


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