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Just So Happy To Be,

PRAISE JESUS, alive and doing fine, keep up the good work michale, miss your dispatches, OH HAPPY DAY, it is better, to suffer with him There ye will find a joy, that know man can enter and And TAKE THAT JOY, That Is Rightfully Yours Ya,alls, THE, Rocks Will Cry Out, AND PRAISE HIM, THAT KEEP IN MIND, We Can NOT UTTER OR SHOW FORTH ALL OF HIS PRAISES, Of the heart that is open And Pireced For You And Me, Praise JESUS, It Is Written FOR When The Son Of Man Returns, Will He FIND FAITH UPON THIS EARTH, KEEP PRAYING, KEEP FIGHTING, The Word Tells Us, We Have Not Because We Ask Not, And Chances Our He Desires What We Desire, So We Think Not As The Gentiles do, Keep That Labour Strong For The Meat That Dont Decay, And Lift Up Your Head Up On High, From That Which Is Pulling You Down That Precious Kingdom Is Above Man, And For Us That Know Him IT Cant Be Meassured, But What We Comprahend, Now Comes The Days, And Why we would he cleave to dust the broken THE LORD THY GOD weighs The Spirts, What We Do Unto Him We Do In Spirt And Truth, OUR GOD WALKS WITH US AND TALKS WIT US, AND HE TELLS US, WE OUR HIS, Reach Out In Truth And Exceptence FOR IT WAS HE THAT OVERCAME THE WORLD, OUR GOD SOMETIMES SURLEY Walketh With Us, Where Angels Wont Tread, And He Himself Became Lower Than The Angels Nearly Dust, HE Became Poor So We Could Be Rich, OH, IN HIM, PEACE BE WITH US IN THE NAME THATS ABOVE ALL OTHER NAMES IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS, BLESSINGS AND STRENETH Ya,alls, Love Each Other Fight For Truth, The Way He Fought For Us, That Cross Could Not Be Bought, And That Cup Never Moved, Come Together, And Comethy That Place In Our Hearts, That Is Nought Becomes Closer To The Ought, No More Theifs No More Liars No More Robbers, In JESUS NAME, We Pray,
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