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Re: Sunday Dispatch .442

PRAISE JESUS, Especially because I know Thee To BE Expert In All CUSTOMS And Questions Which Are Among Theme The Jews Wherefore I Beseech Thee To Hear Me Patiently Jesus Said Im Either Greek Jew Or Gentlie PRAISE JESUS For The Earth And The Rocks Will Cry Out To Praise Him KNOW HE IS KING OF KING AND LORD OF LORDS AND EVERY KNEE SHALL BOWL AND EVERY TOUNGE CONFESS THAT HE IS LORD And Over Came The World And Knew All The Precepts That Pertained To The Word OF GOD Would Follow Him In Truth And In Spirt Those In JUDAH Call Him Wonderfull And The Cornerstone BLESSINGS AND STRENETH Ya,alls AND PEACE BE WIT Ya,s IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS Great Dispatch Michale As Always
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