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Quote: IF YOU'RE SICK. DON'T GO OUT THERE!!! People will understand! And those that don't Aren't worth it!

very interesting quote, Wylde-Tremonti, because apparently you don't understand...if stapp would have NOT done the song, he would have caught flack for he did the song anyways and is still catching flack for it...

he did well, with a difficult song, under the circumstances, which only he knows for sure. I don't think he embarassed himself in the least...what I have observed, is that it is some so called Creed Fans and former Creed Fans that have become the biggest embarassment to the memory of Creed.

As for stapp not being able to sing anymore...hang in there a few more months..because I have a feeling that a lot of people will find out how many ways "Crow" can be eaten.
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