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Quote: (Originally Posted by ctfan) Okay, so this isn't about Stapp's performance anymore. That's cool. I'll post a few comments then.

If I'm not mistaken, AB's ticket prices have varied. For what reason, I have no idea unless it's to fill venues. Because some tix are 9.99 and I believe that the show in GB, tickets are 23.50. You also have to remember johellion, that your talking about Creed tix being 5.00 more than 10 years ago.

That very same dj, that Brian made those PJ comments to said on air not a week or so ago, that Brian was calling from a fishing boat and that he was intoxicated. No one is stirring the shit, go listen to it, there is nothing to be taken out of context.

Ctfan....first and foremost I was not talking to you.....I was talking to BobbyMgee....and I know some of those tickets may vary,,, I was at the Voodoo was 40.00....I know this, I was making reference to what Bobby was general!!

yep Brian was calling from a fishing boat, and he may have been drinking, , I have listened to it many times....and yes it still can be taken out of I told Bobby...don't talk about stuff YOU know nothing about, and if you want to dicuss it more PM or IM me,,,,

Bobby, and Ctfan.....stop digging up old dead horses
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