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Scott Stapp Stapp in VH1 Original Movie
Posted on 04-26-2004 at 03:09 PM

Scott Stapp will be appearing in an upcoming VH1 original movie called 30 Days Until I'm Famous. Stapp will be playing a character named "McP." The movie premeires on VH1 on May 9th at 9:00PM EST.

Here is a short synopsis of the movie:

On the hottest day of the summer, a simple twist of fate is about to change the life of Maggie Moreno (Camille Guaty) forever. A pretty but plain tomboy struggling to take care of her family in the predominantly-Latino L.A. neighborhood of Echo Park, Maggie wakes to find her sister in jail, her mom without a job and herself late for work ... again. Things aren't looking good.

Meanwhile, in a posh Hollywood Hills home, music manager Cole Thompson (Sean Patrick Flanery) doesn't blink an eye when his girlfriend Pauline (Carmen Electra) leaves him, but he is flabbergasted to find out that his boss, Barry (Udo Kier), is not giving him a promotion that he thought was in the bag. Instead, Barry has decided to promote Cole's rival - Bad Boy Austin (Jack Plotnick), who has just signed a sexy young singer named Daisy Fresh (Alanna Ubach). Barry tells Cole that he has lost touch with finding real talent, but Cole protests that there is no real talent anymore. In fact, he can take any girl off the street and make her into a pop star. People only care about style, not substance. Intrigued by Cole's point of view, Barry decides to make Cole a bet. Barry will pick a girl off the street and if Cole can transform her into a pop sensation in time for a major showcase event (which is 30 days away), then he will give Cole the promotion.

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