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Scott Stapp Update on Stapp's Poker Game
Posted on 11-16-2003 at 06:06 PM

Phil Gordon, one of the hosts of the poker tournament, has given an update for Creed fans on Stapp on his USA Messageboard.

"While I can not divulge the outcome of the event, I encourage all the Scott Stapp and CREED fans to watch the show -- you will not be disappointed.

Better than that, for those that haven't met Scott, I can tell you that he is a genuinely good guy, and an absolute BLAST to hang out with. We were out at the Ghost Bar together at the Palms a few nights during the show.

And, he's very generous as well. He's donated a signed copy of a limited edition album -- 1/400 -- to USA's chosen charity, the Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation. Starting bid is $500... I'll take bids here on the message board until releasing it to eBay. There is a picture of the limited edition album on the Photo Albums page."

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