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I loved WoW Classic

I am quite sure they'd quite mana problems, 19, in regards to shadow priests. On fights. They had pretty great burst that's useful for PvP but for PvE it is more about the consistant damage throughout the fight by WoW Classic Gold.But hey I see I do not agree with many things the other guys have said so far. Personally I was raiding back but not the endgame material and I am not 100% sure what the best dps course were etc.. I'm not sure these guys are experts. Along with my personal experiences and memories doesn't fit in their narratives. So take everything you read as not a fact and an opinion.

I concur that all courses have their item, but they ca meet what you would like. Let us say you play Boomkin druid because you believe that it's the coolest thing in WoW Classic. At lvl 60 you see people start getting epic gear from raids and you decide that you would like some of that sweetness yourself. Actually you would like to see endgame raids with your Boomkin to get the bis gear (best in slot machine ). Yeah, then you're prob. Going to have problems finding a guild that's gonna let you do this In fact trying to find a good guild that's going to allow you to fill in any spot in the raid aside from healer is prob. Going to become a real challenge (remember healing gear most likely does not offer you spell harm ).

I would say it is very important to determine what you want to do and see whether your choice of class and spec will give you that. I used to play improve shaman, it was my thing. But finding a good guild that will allow me to raid as enhance. yeah no. I needed to go resto each moment. Being broke you can't afford to respec 24/7. On top of that the ONLY shaman place that gives you str or agi from tier 1-3 is T2,5. It is very hard to get your hands on good enhance equipment from raids. Esp. Also because you're expected to acquire resto equipment and hunters/rogues have prio on gear when you're resto.

I adored shaman back in vanilla. Out of my 3x lvl60, two of these were shamans. But if classic comes out I am quite sure I'm not gonna play with shaman for this reason. So I would claim that you can indeed go wrong based on what you would like. Sort of.I ceased Cataclysm came out playing , to me personally WotLK was the WoW Classic experience and that I loved WoW Classic and Burning Crusade the many! Removing the talent trees was a error by Blizzard to make character specialty simple for men and women that are dumb! It's a shame how dumbed down Buy WoW Classic Items became over expansions and the last few years. I am very exited about WoW Classic Classic, I expect it will reestablish WoW Classic at least 95% for it's former country!?
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Re: I loved WoW Classic

My favorite game of all time. Thanks for bringing back memories.
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