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Re: CREEDFEED CONTEST #2 - Tell Us Why You Love Creed!

I got into Creed in 1999. Little did I know, things would very soon become incredibly hard...

My mom died on March 30, 2000 when I was only 14 years old. I spent those 14 years watching my mom slowly fade away from the illness of multiple sclerosis. When she died, I thought my life was over. I became seriously depressed and suicidal, and even dabbled in different beliefs and religions, because I thought God hated me. However, My mom was a strong Christian, and I got my faith from her. But when she died, I threw all of that out the window. I felt that life was no longer worth living.

This went on for about 2 years. When I turned 16, I had a breakdown. I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and hospitalized on a psychiatric ward. This was the worst time of my life, with the exception of my mom passing away. I was alone. Alone in a place I didn't know, people that were suffering from their own issues, and away from my home environment. But, this is why I love Creed: they have given me the inspiration and courage to keep fighting every day. How did that happen? Well, on the ward we were allowed to have 2 cds to listen to. My two cds were My Own Prison and Human Clay. When we would have break time or I had some time to myself, I would play the cds, read the lyrics and just focus on the music. The music took me away from that hospital ward, away from the people around me, away from all of my problems, to a place where I had peace and serenity. Songs like "Whats This Life For" were my biggest inspiration. I know that if Scott and the band could have the strength and courage to get where they are in life, and that my mom was strong enough to do everything she did for us, then I could probably handle things in my life too. That was a turning point for me. Things didn't magically get better, in fact I have struggled greatly over the past few years, but I always know that I can sit down and put a Creed cd on, and have peace and encouragement. That is something that no other band can do for me.

So to Creed: I thank you. Your music reaches far more people, far more deeply than you will probably ever know. It has been a true inspiration for me and without it, I know I wouldn't be here. THAT is why I love Creed.
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